Meet Mark & Ben

Mark Puzdrak

Mark is a co-founder of Puzdrak and Stortz LLC, and oversees the tax and consulting services of the Firm. Mark brings over 20 years of experience to the firm, managing multiple CPA firm tax practices in multiple states, prior to starting his own firm.

A native of Pennsylvania, Mark graduated from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA with degrees in Accounting and Finance.

Mark has chaired tax committees and held various leadership positions in global professional organizations. He has regularly been invited to speak on various taxation, budgeting, and tax planning topics.

Mark is particulary proud of his work with various non-profit organizations in and around the Austin, Texas area.

In December 2021 Mark and his wife Kelly completed the purchase of a minority ownership in a National Football League franchise.

After work, he enjoys relaxing with Kelly, reading biographies, the occasional scotch and cigar, and cheering on his favorite NFL team.

Ben Stortz

Ben is a co-founder of Puzdrak and Stortz LLC, and oversees the audit and attest services of the Firm. Ben brings more than 15 years of audit experience as well as 3 years of industry experience with a large publicly traded company. Though he grew up and spent most of his career in California, he also enjoyed living in Austin Texas and working as an auditor for 7 years.

Ben works with numerous for profit and not-for-profit organizations including social welfare organizations, and foundations. He provides attest, federal and state single audit services. Ben works hard to build a deep relationship with his clients so they know that they can call him first for advice on financial decisions. He chooses to make himself available at all times so he can quickly respond to their requests and his dependability is never questioned.